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Name: Zikr-e-Khair English Translation
Name: ذکر خیر انگریزی ترجمہ
Author: Khawja Mehboob Aalam Sahab خواجہ محبوب عالم صاحب
Professor Muhammad Aslam پروفیسر محمد اسلم
Language: English
Publisher: Not Found
Publish Date: 18-Mar-2017
Description: English Translation of book "Zikr e Khair" of Shaykh Mahboob Alam Saidavi's beautiful account of his Shaykh (spiritual guide and teacher) Saeen Tawakkul Shah explaining the inspirational life and spiritual teachings of Shaykh Tawakkul Shah. Original book in Urdu is called "Zikr-e-Khair" (Goodly Remembrance) which is more popular with the name "Sahefa-e-Mahboob" (Book of the Beloved). Through this account of Shaykh Tawakkul Shah who died in 1315 A.H. (1897 A.D.) in Saida Shareef in Punjab province in Pakistan, the author Shaykh Mahboob Alam Saidavi, himself a great spiritual guide and teacher in contemporary Pakistan (died in 1335 A.H.), explains the inner spiritual teachings of Islam. "Book of the Beloved" through the account and teachings of Shaykh Tawakkul Shah, beautifully with great simplicity, explains Tasawwuf or Sufism which is the highest, the greatest, and the deepest teachings of Islam dealing with the rise of human soul to the realm of the Divine Reality.

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